Mutually Exclusive

by Ringtail Howitzer

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released October 4, 2016

Music by Ringtail Howitzer

Lyrics by Keith Rogers

Ringtail Howitzer is:
Keith Rogers - Guitar/Vocals
Emmett Rogers - Guitar/Vocals
Aidan Rogers - Bass/Vocals
Chris Kearney - Drums/Vocals

Recorded by Paul Marchesani

Mixed and Mastered by Chris Kearney and Emmett Rogers

Additional synthesizer and samples by Paul Marchesani

Artwork by Justus Claghorn



all rights reserved


Ringtail Howitzer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Hopscotch
I am designed to fail
Paper mache of yesterday
A lame analogy
Best way to describe myself

I'm down like the street lights near my house
I'm my own private hell
I hope you understand it's new for me to be true
I hope you understand

So rip my heart right out
It's so insane to watch it beating
Won't walk alone again
I hope it's not the past repeating
Track Name: Just in Cases
Well its the worst damn time to regret our lives and here we are
Me you in a dead room waiting for a punchline and I got mine
If it wasn't for the sex appeal I'm not sure what I'd really feel
'Cause there's only so many reruns before we run out of things to really say

It's a common conscience that I have

So what do you think you've done here to make yourself feel so entitled?
And how do you say your last name?
These walls you built make desperate cities

Just in case you solve this case I bought a case to make myself feel better (Better)
Better plans that no one cares about does anyone care about you now?

I get the appeal but I just don't like it
I'm glad that you like me but I don't love you at all
Track Name: Sanctions Speak Louder than Birds
I'm so done with everyone I've ever seen
I'm dead to me
I get that the good die young but I didn't know they meant me

Pull over (pull over) so I can drive
Pull over (pull over) so I can drive this car

To anyone who lacks in fun
Take it from me that it's not free
So am I dumb or just lucky?
I guess I'm both so give me money for my sins

I am not the same I was before
No I'm not the same I was be-
I am not the same I was before
Track Name: Whatever
We stayed up all night and asked what it would be like at each other's funeral
It won't be too sad let me draw up the plans
For the procession I made intermissions to catch my breath

Celebrate what a joyous end it was
Please just don't be loud and I promise I won't be loud
Morbid concept, I hope you get that apartment
So you can run away and live every day in every possible way

Whatever I guess it's better not to bring that up again but I like to pretend
Track Name: Slow Down
Slow down!
Track Name: Where Are You Going?
From flashing peace signs to burning airlines
The medicine you gave was not enough
So slap your hi-fives you walking hate crime
Your constant ignorance was getting old

Where are you going?

Forget my number
Stop texting me now
Clean yourself right up so I don't have to
I did that all myself with no outside help
I sat alone and clenched and cried and smoked

Where are you going?
Track Name: Face Bunts
We're shaking our hands with our eyes
I always thought you were mine
But lately I've seen more than grey skies on me

Shut up I'll do whatever you want
'Cause I slept four years and I'm still fucking here
Nothing better to do than blindly follow you
I hope the time you spent was worth it and it taught you something

You make me sick
What's that line you used to say?
Oh yeah we're friends
So watch your head because it's getting to big for your neck
You make me sick